Every now and then as a kid I used to pay attention.  Not often, I admit, as I had more important adventures and thoughts in my mind to pay attention to adults. But when I did, I listened and thought about things I heard. One of those things I remember being impressed by was that breakfast is the most important meal of your day. I kind of liked the idea, and began to appreciate the breakfast that miraculously appeared on the kitchen table every morning on school days.  Everyone’s favorite drink (mine was milk with HEMO, a chocolatey powder with vitamins), heaps of toasted bread, pita bread, or sandwiches, sometimes τσουρέκι (a yummy sweet bread). It must have taken my dad (the cook in the family) a good half hour to prepare all that, as the rest of the family stumbled in, gobbled everything down, sometimes ungratefully, and rushed all together to catch the school bus (my mother taught at the same school us children went). My dad got up first and left the house last, after taking care of everyone. In this, I notice the love for us, and the benefits of being an archivist with a somewhat flexible schedule 🙂

Breakfast nowadays is somewhat of a challenge for me. I like to start the day with savory tastes, but to achieve that and avoid high cholesterol foods is a puzzle. I have asked my friends from other cultures about breakfast foods, and I am amazed at the variety of what is considered breakfast. Still, I can’t eat idli, rice, soups, salad, breakfast cereals, or even eggs for an extended period of time. I always have to go back to my sandwiches, like the ones I grew up with.

Nevertheless, I am now on a high calorie diet (courtesy of 2 hungry boys), which means I get to eat a couple of breakfasts! Yay for nursing! In my effort to have something I don’t easily run out of, I thought of granola as a backup for when bread is not around. I made some using this great lady’s fool-proof recipe, and made a mix of raisins, dried cranberries, flaked almonds and chia seeds for topping, which I embellish with whatever fresh fruit there is around at a given day. So far, I am on my second batch and haven’t grown tired of it, which is an absolute first for me!

Next, a cup of milky tea (no HEMO for me any more, I am a big girl) and a biscotti. I love my multiple breakfasts!