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yes, I know, that’s only two!

Where do we find supplies for our crafts? I ‘m sure most of us have several sources for the raw materials, so to speak. This is certainly true for me. I try to recycle as much as possible, and always look for projects that use t-shirt material, as we seem to have an abundance of them in our household. I would like to go to thrift stores more often, but I find them (at least in New York City) quite unappealing and, frankly, borderline disgusting. But whenever I do go, I appreciate the variety and the prices.

I would say, though, that the most inspiring kinds of fabrics for me are fat quarters from JoAnn. They are like candy to me, I can’t stop buying them, and they are the first place I go to when looking for fabrics to make things. Thankfully (for the sake of our budget) I have no easy access to a store on a regular basis, and I can only go there when visiting my in-laws. That is usually during a long weekend, and long weekends always mean sales, which means I can get the fat quarters for a bit over a dollar each.

A couple of weeks ago I had one such trip to the “local” store, and sure enough I came home with a rainbow of fat quarters. I couldn’t resist, and used one immediately to make three little drawstring bags (have I mentioned how much I love drawstring bags? ha!) They are very simple, just the one fabric, no embellishments. I just wanted a quick and simple project, but the fabric is so pretty I don’t think they need anything else anyway. Their size was determined by how you can fold a fat quarter in six. I am using the one already to keep some embroidery thread I also bought at same shopping spree, and the other two are going into my stash of bags for future use (which probably means until our next weekend trip, or before.)


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