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Fall means apples abound. I never used to like apples that much, but the boys did, so since last year I have become an avid appleyvore (yes, I know this is not an official word – yet.) And since apples are among the dirty dozen, according to EWG, I was very excited to find a store where I could buy a huge bag of organic apples within walking distance from my house. Double yippee!

To celebrate, I made these two zippered bags with checkered apples. After studying the boys’ clothes, I decided to copy what retail baby clothes do with their applique designs, and first added some iron-on interfacing to the fabric. This helps it from fraying, and gives it a little more strength. It also allows you to use any stitch you like to attach the applique, so I used a simple running stitch with thick embroidery floss, as I really like that look on the finished product.  I made two bags, with reversed zipper / design. One for right-handed and one for left-handed people 😉

I also made apple sauce for the boys, in the hope that they will at least like that, and stop having that surprised look on their faces every time I try to put in their mouths something with a spoon (right before they spit it out, that is). I got the recipe from here, and it is very simple: cut and core apples, add them cut part down on a baking tin with a little water, stick in oven and bake for 30 min. on 380 F (or until the flesh is soft and skin is wrinkly.) Let cool, peel off skin, throw in blender and blend. Add baking water to thin, if necessary. Pour to ridiculously tiny food containers and hope boys learn that eating is a good thing soon! (optional)


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