The boys enjoy painting and coloring, and thankfully there are lots of recipes out there for kid-friendly (i.e. edible) paints. My favorite is yogurt and food coloring, which I add to a plastic egg case and let the boys go to town with their sponge brushes. One thing that parents of single kids probably don’t get, though, is how much more intense it is to supervise two kids who run wild while yielding paint brushes… The boys obviously have aspirations to become mural painters, as all our walls (in our rental apartment) have been decorated (by the way, baking soda and water paste helps with crayons, but not with markers…)

Here are some of their early drawings, and the “gallery” where we display them: just a string with clothes pins, for easy mounting and unmounting.




Lately I also give them my own version of coloring pages, with shapes and drawings for them to paint over. My drawing skills are minimal, which works well for this kind of activity, but I seem to have overcome myself already. The other day I tried to draw a dog and ended up with something that resembled more a sheep instead. Nevermind, I wrote πρόβατο under it and problem solved!


I also made playdough for them, using one of the numerous recipes out there, but I guess they were a little too young for it, and ended up throwing it around, stepping on it (it really does feel good oozing between your toes!) and then mixing all the colors together so now my 4 distinct basic colors became a big boogy-colored chunk.



Occasionally we use bathroom crayons too, which are lots of fun for the whole family!