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My favorite colors are green and blue, preferably together. There are lots and lots of green and blue pairs of things around the house, and that was also the case of our main snuggle spot in the house: a large mattress covered with pillows, where many of our games and naps take place.

Yesterday I felt very much in a rut, ready for spring and some bright colors. The fastest way to fix that seemed to change the pillows. So I eliminated all greens and blues, and used some of my most favorite fabrics in my stash choosing from among pinks and oranges. Most of our pillows now are with fabrics directly from India, but there is also that shiny floral in the middle, made with a Chinese fabric my niece brought for me in one of her travels. The brightest of them all, bottom left, comes from a dress (size xxl, I believe) I found at Goodwill – I love buying fabric by the pound 🙂

Keeping things simple and quick, they are all made “envelope style”, where the fabrics overlap a bit at the back of the pillow. With yet another blizzard coming our way spring is a long way away on the outside world, but things are already blooming in our house!





I went to Home Depot the other day, just wandering around for inspiration. I came home with plenty of both, materials and inspiration. My first project was some canvas storage bags for all the soft, bulky items we all have around the house. Soft toys, yarn, socks… they all found a home, in style.

The process was very simple: I lined a table or the floor with some paper to protect from spillage, spread canvas (I used the cheap one used to protect floors when painting the walls) and then L and I painted / splashed / dabbed with color. I was in a blue and white mood, so we kept the colors simple. The large piece of canvas we made was enough for 3 bags, so I divided it in equal pieces and just sewed around the edges. Then, to create a wide base, I folded the corners and sewed along the crease there as well. Done!

I also picked up some paint chips during my inspiration trip, with no specific project in mind. The first thing I made with them were small open boxes, which I then held together with some pretty duct tape (another Home Depot score I couldn’t resist!) I plan to use them for organizing the tiny scraps of fabric that come out of other projects: I have plans for all those little triangles and rectangles from trimming corners and seams!


The holidays came and went, and slowly we are getting back to our rhythm at home. We are working on a couple of adjustments and improvements, as a long time away and a fresh start is a great time to assess habits and introduce changes.

Among the slight changes around here is the use of more homemade body care products (an old passion of mine.) A day before the end of our holidays I bought two large bags of lavender flowers without a real plan for them, other than vague intent to make some lavender sachets for our closets and drawers. Two bags turned out to be A LOT of lavender, and the inspiration was immense. So I started the year of crafting with some bath luxuries.


Oats and Lavender powder:
I mixed equal amounts of oats and lavender (2 Tablespoons each, to be exact) and ground them finely in my trusted baby bullet. It gave about 5 tablespoons of fragrant powder, which I separated into equal teabags. They can be put in any kind of bag, paper or canvas, and then held under running water when filling up the bathtub. The bag will make a great scrubber too, after the luxurious soak comes to an end.

I also happen to think they make a great post-holiday gift as well, and I plan to do just that: send some to a friend who always enjoys a good bath in winter time!

Meanwhile, “Ggyg. LcmiiJJUI” is the post one of the boys had tried
to write on my phone… They start so early these days…

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