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Not much on the Bad Kitty Diaries lately. In fact, the kitties have been wonderful since the boys came into our lives. The first three months they stayed out of everyone’s way, avoiding the new-smelling and very loud creatures in the bed. Little by little, they began coming closer, especially when it was quiet (they ‘d bolt as soon as the first cry would sound. Sometimes I wanted to join them.)

At 7 1/2 months now, all is back to a routine. Kitties find spaces close to us but still away from grabby hands, and the boys absolutely love the kitties. Their faces light up when they see them come around, and they want to “pet” them. It will be a while before they learn that petting needs to be open-handed and does not involve pulling – and when that happens, I ‘ll be the first one to rejoice, as that would hopefully mean no pulling my hair either!

Before (and after) the boys were born, we heard a lot of comments like “you ‘ll have to get rid of the cats when the babies are born.” Which infuriated both of us, because you don’t get rid of grandma if the baby doesn’t like her. The cats are members of the family, simple as that. Of course, there are times when you are confronted with a terrible dilemma, such as if the cats / pets in general were being aggressive, or depressed, or there was something else making co-existence impossible. We were lucky, I guess. I never had doubt that the kitties would love the boys, and vice versa. Our kitties are very calm, well-adjusted and loving, and I didn’t expect they’d show aggression or jealousy now.

And they are as cute as ever. Skid has recently been sleeping on the changing table, which has several advantages that appeal to her: it is not used during the night, it is soft and contoured, and it is close enough to the bed but higher from everyone else sleeping, so she can be close to us and supervise everyone with one half-opened eye.

Sharing the space and sharing our lives. Just as it should be. Seeing her there reminds me to be thankful.

$10,000 REWARD!

WANTED: one domestic longhair, for breaking and entering. We believe she was the mastermind of a 3-member gang who are responsible for breaking and entering in secure locations and helping themselves to dry food. Her accomplices are described as one domestic shorthair and one russian blue. The three felines have a long record of similar kind of offenses.

Our investigative team has gathered evidence from the crime scene:

entry point of the repeated break-ins

Exhibit A

The felines are still at large, but we are confident that they will soon be apprehended.

When I came home 2 nights ago, I noticed some activity in our kitchen sink.

Wildlife was prowling free, a family exploring their new surroundings.

The little one was already elbow-deep into mischief.

My long absence may be explained by the fact that, among other things, in the past month I have been busy transforming my apartments from this:

To this:

Not much difference, eh? sigh!

It is L’s b-day weekend, and as the surprise element of his gift I made some improvements in “his” bathroom. Use of quotations because he shares it with 3 felines who are rather territorial, so the poor man is outnumbered. In addition to a new shower curtain, I made an applique bath mat to match.

I used some white cotton fabric for the base and a batik fabric for the splat, and filled the sandwich with an old towel. It was a good use for that old towel! For the splat, I drew a template on tracing paper, and then transferred it to the fabric. It was a fun project, and I like the end result a lot, so I think I ‘ll make a matching one for the other bathroom. I may even write a tutorial for it, since it will be the second time I am making it.

And here ‘s Seven, testing the quality of my workmanship. Or trying to drink from the spilled water. After all, we all know about her drinking problem

A couple of nights ago, Skid claimed this blue lid from an empty container (by tossing it down in the middle of the night and waking up the entire building, or so it seemed.) Since then, the girls have been taking turns sleeping on it. I don’t get the fascination of it, but sleeping on the plastic lid is obviously the latest fashion. Maybe I ‘ll try it myself tonight!

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