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I went to Home Depot the other day, just wandering around for inspiration. I came home with plenty of both, materials and inspiration. My first project was some canvas storage bags for all the soft, bulky items we all have around the house. Soft toys, yarn, socks… they all found a home, in style.

The process was very simple: I lined a table or the floor with some paper to protect from spillage, spread canvas (I used the cheap one used to protect floors when painting the walls) and then L and I painted / splashed / dabbed with color. I was in a blue and white mood, so we kept the colors simple. The large piece of canvas we made was enough for 3 bags, so I divided it in equal pieces and just sewed around the edges. Then, to create a wide base, I folded the corners and sewed along the crease there as well. Done!

I also picked up some paint chips during my inspiration trip, with no specific project in mind. The first thing I made with them were small open boxes, which I then held together with some pretty duct tape (another Home Depot score I couldn’t resist!) I plan to use them for organizing the tiny scraps of fabric that come out of other projects: I have plans for all those little triangles and rectangles from trimming corners and seams!




We were invited to a birthday party the other day. In addition to the bought gifts, I wanted the birthday kids (4-year-old twins) to also have something handmade. I feel that kids today have very little access to handmade things, and they don’t have the chance to appreciate the uniqueness of something made just for them.

With very little time for something fancy, I appliqued each kid’s initial and made 2 drawstring bags. My theory of “one can’t have too many drawstring bags” applies to all ages, and the sooner one starts collecting them, the more they ‘ll end up having 🙂

I hope the kids will find lots of treasures to store in them!

The other day I was looking for a picture of some bags I had made for gifts, and I realised I had not posted any here. Since I haven’t been able to complete much recently, posting some old projects will hopefully change the tides and convince the gods of busy weekends to move along to other believers.

The bags are entirely reversible, with a flap and a large pocket at the back. They are variations of my favorite bag ever, one that I have used so much it looks worn and faded but still remains the best bag I ever made. Since it was such a success, I am considering making a twin for it.

Last week I looked around in stores for a weekend-trip bag. Once again I was reminded that I suffer from the “I can do that myself” disease. So I saved myself the $70 that they were charging for what I was looking at, and had a fun day making this:

I made it using this excellent tutorial, and just added the handles at the end.
It has a bunch of inside pockets, and between the two fabrics another layer of some plastic sheet, to make it sturdier and hopefully somewhat waterproof.

An extra reason to be looking forward to next weekend!

While I was making it I was enjoying the fabric, that made me very, very happy. I like the two-sized dots and the colour combination. In fact, it seems that these two greens together are one of my favourite, and that I often put them together

I made another bag. It’s becoming addictive. After a few months the idea forms in my head, I plan every detail (it does go faster if I draw it out, actually. Much faster), and then I have to have it, no matter what. This time I thought of what kind of bag I ‘d like to carry, instead of looking at the fabrics and see what catches my attention. The result is much tamer, and suited to my daily moods

There is a big back pocket in the same brown fabric with beige trimming (both acquired during my last trip to Cleveland)

Inside, as always, the usual phone and metrocard pockets.

I ‘ve already used it for a couple of days, and it works for me very well. Next time I ‘d make something similar, perhaps I ‘d put more outside pockets, and a it could be bit bigger. It is still Purrfect as it is, though, and I ‘m very happy with it. L says it reminds him of a Buddhist monk’s bag, and although I don’t see exactly why he says that, I like the image of me going around the city in a Buddhist monk’s bag!

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