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Yesterday was one of those days, where our little family managed 3 blocked noses and coughing throats, a cut lip, a whole in the head, a cut finger, and an almost burned dinner.

So today we will take a step back and spend the day resting, drinking ginger and honey tea, and snuggling with the kitties. The kitties said they ‘re ready to do their part.







Not much on the Bad Kitty Diaries lately. In fact, the kitties have been wonderful since the boys came into our lives. The first three months they stayed out of everyone’s way, avoiding the new-smelling and very loud creatures in the bed. Little by little, they began coming closer, especially when it was quiet (they ‘d bolt as soon as the first cry would sound. Sometimes I wanted to join them.)

At 7 1/2 months now, all is back to a routine. Kitties find spaces close to us but still away from grabby hands, and the boys absolutely love the kitties. Their faces light up when they see them come around, and they want to “pet” them. It will be a while before they learn that petting needs to be open-handed and does not involve pulling – and when that happens, I ‘ll be the first one to rejoice, as that would hopefully mean no pulling my hair either!

Before (and after) the boys were born, we heard a lot of comments like “you ‘ll have to get rid of the cats when the babies are born.” Which infuriated both of us, because you don’t get rid of grandma if the baby doesn’t like her. The cats are members of the family, simple as that. Of course, there are times when you are confronted with a terrible dilemma, such as if the cats / pets in general were being aggressive, or depressed, or there was something else making co-existence impossible. We were lucky, I guess. I never had doubt that the kitties would love the boys, and vice versa. Our kitties are very calm, well-adjusted and loving, and I didn’t expect they’d show aggression or jealousy now.

And they are as cute as ever. Skid has recently been sleeping on the changing table, which has several advantages that appeal to her: it is not used during the night, it is soft and contoured, and it is close enough to the bed but higher from everyone else sleeping, so she can be close to us and supervise everyone with one half-opened eye.

Sharing the space and sharing our lives. Just as it should be. Seeing her there reminds me to be thankful.

I feel like I have been like Sunny here, hiding. The summer passed by so fast, and so unsettled. I look forward to getting back to a fall routine, with less travelling and more nesting and crafting. Lots of sewing projects planned, and quite a lot of knitting too. I can’t wait to get my paws on my needles, curl up with a kitty (or three) and make stuff!

Sometimes inspiration takes you to unsuspected directions. Life has been a whirlwind lately, and that shows in my recent crafting. Lots of vague ideas but little focus to start anything, and even less time to finish anything that started. Yesterday I was looking for border designs, thinking I need to make more bookmarks (do you run out of bookmarks too? Mine seem to disappear within days of making them, and then show up unexpectedly in odd places!) How did I end up with a fabric weaving experiment? I have seen them online and they look much fun, but seriously, from bookmarks to this?

The only thing that helps me focus at the moment is Skid, sitting on my lap as I sit in front of the computer. My legs are going to sleep, though. Can’t have it all!

Some time ago I was playing with fabric paint, not having anything specific in mind. I made a couple of square pieces and left them aside until inspiration would strike again. The muse came yesterday, when I decided that our sofa has too many colors and I ‘d like it to be more focused on blue accents. The colors on this fabric were exactly the color I was craving for, so I made a pillow case with it, and backed it with some striped cotton.

I also changed the fabric on the side of the sofa – an essential protection to discourage the kitties from sharpening their claws on it. Sunny seems pleased with the new color scheme, while Skid lends her critical eye to the design.

As an irrelevant aside, Skid always loves to sit in paper bags, and I never fail to think she is adorable and take photos of her! (pardon the mess around her)

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