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You know the feeling, when you plant a seed accidentally and one day you see a flower, or a tree, or a strawberry bush has grown out of it? This is how I felt last night, when the boys dragged me by the hand across the house, to show me the bufoto (beautiful) colors in the sky, and asked me to take a picture of it at various stages of the sunset, meanwhile standing there and talking about nature, clouds and wind, listening attentively to the birds…

Here is to the beauty of nature, to our ability to stop and acknowledge and appreciate it, to passing on the skill to the next generation, and to sharing it all. It is moments like this that are the best reminder of the power of example in raising our children, of speaking out our thoughts instead of admiring in silence.

(By the way, this is exactly the reason I keep doing yoga in their presence, even though it is entirely not relaxing to hold any pose with two little people jumping, wrestling, or hanging off me. Soon, I keep thinking, they ‘ll just join in and then we will have that too to share. Soon…)

My view at work.

Sometimes beauty sneaks up on you when you aren’t paying attention!


Things have been slow around here.

Not much happening.

Even the cats are sleeping.

The twins arrived yesterday, and the house filled with growling, hissing, and other unidentifiable noises.

Who knew cats can growl in so many different ways?

I wondered what would come out after I got over the irritation.

Thanks for the free wireless, New Haven Train Station!

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