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This is the first *real* snow day I get since high school, when we had a whole week off. For Greek standards, it was unheard of, and I remember we made the most of it. Ah, the good times…

Today’s snow day started with rejoicing, putting the house in order, something it desperately needed, and then settling in to the fun stuff:

tea, knitting, blue yarn and a Russian Blue

and, of course, lots and lots of snow


Patience : Rewarded

A 10-hour work day;

but on the way home tiny snowflakes floated

and landed on my face.

Knitting is slow in the house of carpal tunnel victims. It is an interesting hiatus, as I am still thinking a lot about it, and like to plan my next steps, whenever I am ready for them. Meanwhile, it has given me the courage to unravel things that don’t work out – my destructive fingers are itching for the second sweater! For the optimist, it is not work going to waste; instead, it is more room in the closet, less self-recrimination in looking at what is practically a mistake, and more yarn for a new project! Triple-win!

My trusted cell phone has a decent camera, so I decided to recruit it for a new blogging experiment I have been contemplating for a while. Since not much knitting will be discussed in the near future, I may as well try the 1 photo + short caption of daily life posting, which seems to be a little trend developing. Our need to share with strangers the mundane details of our lives never seizes to amaze me!

3 people + 6 chopsticks + a compromise in spiciness = a great way to spend Sunday afternoon

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