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It has been a busy month packing and moving and … not really unpacking yet. Our new house is still under partial renovation, and this has forced us to live off the “first couple of days” supplies for almost 3 weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for minimalism and living off what you have with humility and resourcefulness, but I am also ready to find the last kitchen box with the coffee in it…

This prolonged wait has had a number of challenges (beyond the coffee jar), and some not so unexpected benefits. Among them, the time to think, dream, plan before putting anything into action. Time to think and plan seems like such a luxury lately, in times of perpetual rushing and winging dinners while still exploring the best options for shopping and time management in a new environment. So, until I can line my bookshelves along the wall and start filling them with books, I sit, and wait, and think, and dream of ways to sort and make beautiful. And make lists, of course! I am very pleased with how productive and creative this waiting and dreaming has been. Hopefully soon you too will hear and see all about it!

Random photos above: Skid, daydreaming with me :: color and pattern inspiration :: pretty flowers on my way to work :: blocks lined up, or order in the midst of chaos




I went to Home Depot the other day, just wandering around for inspiration. I came home with plenty of both, materials and inspiration. My first project was some canvas storage bags for all the soft, bulky items we all have around the house. Soft toys, yarn, socks… they all found a home, in style.

The process was very simple: I lined a table or the floor with some paper to protect from spillage, spread canvas (I used the cheap one used to protect floors when painting the walls) and then L and I painted / splashed / dabbed with color. I was in a blue and white mood, so we kept the colors simple. The large piece of canvas we made was enough for 3 bags, so I divided it in equal pieces and just sewed around the edges. Then, to create a wide base, I folded the corners and sewed along the crease there as well. Done!

I also picked up some paint chips during my inspiration trip, with no specific project in mind. The first thing I made with them were small open boxes, which I then held together with some pretty duct tape (another Home Depot score I couldn’t resist!) I plan to use them for organizing the tiny scraps of fabric that come out of other projects: I have plans for all those little triangles and rectangles from trimming corners and seams!

Some time ago I was playing with fabric paint, not having anything specific in mind. I made a couple of square pieces and left them aside until inspiration would strike again. The muse came yesterday, when I decided that our sofa has too many colors and I ‘d like it to be more focused on blue accents. The colors on this fabric were exactly the color I was craving for, so I made a pillow case with it, and backed it with some striped cotton.

I also changed the fabric on the side of the sofa – an essential protection to discourage the kitties from sharpening their claws on it. Sunny seems pleased with the new color scheme, while Skid lends her critical eye to the design.

As an irrelevant aside, Skid always loves to sit in paper bags, and I never fail to think she is adorable and take photos of her! (pardon the mess around her)

I already miss the farms and woods behind our old house. In pale replacement of this, there is still some beauty to be found. Granted, a more urban, almost decaying kind of beauty, but we work with what we have, right?

This is the view from my crafts room. The vine on the outside is pretty, and the semi-transparent glass sort of hides the buildings at the back.

I don’t have much experience (or talent?) in taking care of plants, but I do manage to maintain  wheat grass for the kitties. I like the sparkling drops!

This is our new neighbor. They are actually a couple, who like to snuggle next to each other on the ground, instead of the bushes in the back yard. They are also quite fearless: not only they are not afraid of me when I approach them behind the glass doors, they don’t even seem to care much if the cats are doing the same!

In crafty news, I have been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to make something from this book. I hope I ‘ll get better results after I starch and block the snowflakes,  because now they look so much like sad clumps of thread, that I unravel them as soon as I finish them.

From the basket of unfinished projects, this pillowcase emerged recently, and triumphantly. Years back I had made these flowers out of felt sheets, and all but half of the last flower had been sewn on. I got interrupted, put it aside, and hadn’t felt like finishing it again in so long I had almost forgotten I had it.

I am glad I did this search, resembling an archeological dig, in my special basket. Now I have something cheerful on my new crafts room sofa! The cover is another unfinished project, the (completed) top part of a quilt. Maybe now I will be inspired and finish this as well? Or is that too ambitious?

Seven seems to approve the new sofa.

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