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It has been a busy month packing and moving and … not really unpacking yet. Our new house is still under partial renovation, and this has forced us to live off the “first couple of days” supplies for almost 3 weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for minimalism and living off what you have with humility and resourcefulness, but I am also ready to find the last kitchen box with the coffee in it…

This prolonged wait has had a number of challenges (beyond the coffee jar), and some not so unexpected benefits. Among them, the time to think, dream, plan before putting anything into action. Time to think and plan seems like such a luxury lately, in times of perpetual rushing and winging dinners while still exploring the best options for shopping and time management in a new environment. So, until I can line my bookshelves along the wall and start filling them with books, I sit, and wait, and think, and dream of ways to sort and make beautiful. And make lists, of course! I am very pleased with how productive and creative this waiting and dreaming has been. Hopefully soon you too will hear and see all about it!

Random photos above: Skid, daydreaming with me :: color and pattern inspiration :: pretty flowers on my way to work :: blocks lined up, or order in the midst of chaos

Sometimes inspiration takes you to unsuspected directions. Life has been a whirlwind lately, and that shows in my recent crafting. Lots of vague ideas but little focus to start anything, and even less time to finish anything that started. Yesterday I was looking for border designs, thinking I need to make more bookmarks (do you run out of bookmarks too? Mine seem to disappear within days of making them, and then show up unexpectedly in odd places!) How did I end up with a fabric weaving experiment? I have seen them online and they look much fun, but seriously, from bookmarks to this?

The only thing that helps me focus at the moment is Skid, sitting on my lap as I sit in front of the computer. My legs are going to sleep, though. Can’t have it all!

In all the computers I use, both at home and at work, I like to change the photo of my desktop often. It keeps me inspired, an indicator of my moods and thoughts. Today, on a beautiful Friday morning that started with a glorious thunderstorm and is expected to end with a bus ride to kittyland, I have this lovely photo my brother sent me yesterday. He named it Chalkidiki in the 60’s.

Honestly, I think he just took it this week, but he made it look like it was from the 60’s. Or, perhaps it IS from the 60’s and it is so amazing that the place in the picture looks exactly like that still. Then again, with that very same boat in there? hmmm… Methinks brother has some explaining to do… Either way, I love the photo, on my desktop, a reminder of what I will be able to enjoy myself in just a couple of weeks. I am so looking forward to it! Thank you A!

coffeemaker jug in sink


Mandala from Tibetan exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum

hingali (sp?)



“What is your creative style?”

I don’t often theorize much about creativity, mine or others’. I like to think that these things change, evolve, along with everything else in us. But I do enjoy taking silly quizzes whenever the topic sounds fun, and this one did.

Apparently (or, at least, according to my answers today) creativity for me is “a form of release, a form of expression: it creates a special link between the internal and external worlds.” No argument there – but isn’t this the case with everyone?

In any case, if you feel creative, or just curious, you might enjoy taking it too. Have fun!

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