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baby hats both

I got this idea that I have to make two hats for the boys ASAP, or the sky will fall on our heads! So I put everything else aside and, thankfully in just a couple of evenings I had my 2 hats. With 44 stitches cast on, it was fast and easy. There is no actual pattern for those, just a 1×1 ribbing hat with a quick decrease for a rounded top. For more specific information, check my ravelry page. I used this great yarn I bought lots of, Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton, which is really soft and makes me happy. As for the size, I used a hat that came in our pile of gifts. I don’t know what size it is, but I erred on the larger size so I get a little more wearing time out of them.

skid with baby hat

The kitties were unimpressed with my success, but after several tries I managed to persuade Skid to model one of the hats for me. She doesn’t look very happy, does she?…

I am now all set to make something warm for boys to wear, like cardigans. I won’t be knitting those, however, not for newborns who will outgrow their clothes faster than it would take for me to make them!

Weather has cooled down enough lately, that knitting is back in full swing. I decided to start with a quick project (albeit in 4 parts), and welcome the colder weather to follow with warm feet!

This is my first pattern for socks (of sorts) that is knitted flat and then put together in the end. It was interesting to see it unfold, or rather fold into a 3-dimensional slipper, that only needed a seam along the bottom.
I am planning to make another pair for L., and have matching slippers this year 🙂 Cheesy, I know! I will have to do quite some math to figure out how to make the pattern longer, but I am counting on my experience in making socks more than my math skills anyway.

The pattern, Non-felted slippers, is a free one I saw on Ravelry, but I don’t remember if it is available simply online (sorry). I used yarn from stash. Bulky yarn is called for, but I used just worsted-weight yarn held double throughout the project, and it worked just fine. Both yarns are a bit rough on the touch, which makes them sturdy and somehow very appropriate for something I ‘ll be stepping on. Now I ‘m all set for the winter! Hurrah!

Don’t you just love new beginnings? The first of the month, Chapter 1, a fresh journal with blank pages waiting to be filled… New Year, of course inspires even the most unaffected of us. I have made my fair share of plans (not quite resolutions), and inspired by the freshness of everything and my co-operating wrists, I started a couple of knitting projects. Won’t it be nice if I cross them all off by the end of February?

  • Mum’s socks (an unfortunate Christmas gift, due to running out of yarn while in Greece)
  • Zefi’s wristwarmers (an excellent travelling project)
  • Blue cardigan (just the button band and sewing in the buttons left)
  • Brown sweater (began in Greece, but goes fast)

I really want to finish all of them soon, as I have great plans for an ambitious long cardigan next (involving cables. Cables mean counting, hence the element of ambition.)

The photo above is not quite relevant to today’s content, but it was a lovely morning moment for me and couldn’t resist taking a photo of it!

My trip to Greece is over and gone, and a full week of work has already passed. I have been too jet lag to feel like doing anything that requires concentration, but now even that has passed (thankfully!)

I did finish a project during these past weeks: the Low Tide cardigan, which has now also been promoted to the best cardigan for summer! It is the first thing I reach for in the mornings, when I think of the evil air-conditioning at work.

I have started a new cardigan on an impulse, but as I have exhausted all my non-wool yarns, the new project is with a yarn of mostly wool and the thought of touching it when the room registers 32 C is challenging even for me. I think I need to think of a more cooling project for the next couple of weeks, something that will allow me to enjoy the heat!



We have a metal cart, originally intended for surplus kitchen gadgets, that is now being used to store plants and keep them in front of the window so that they can enjoy the summer sunshine. L arranged them very nicely, but the bottom of the 3 shelves was left empty. In a typical cat-daddy fashion, he prepared a special space for our very spoiled kitties. He put a towel and one of their toy mice in there, so that they know that the bed is for them. As if they wouldn’t go there if the toy wasn’t there… but I thought it was a nice touch nonetheless!

Skid was the first one to sample it, and she seems very happy in there. They all take turns sitting and sleeping there. I love it when we can make more comfy and safe places for them to sit in!


There has been quite a lot of knitting lately too. In about a week I have made a large part of the back and fronts, and half a sleeve of a new summer cardigan. I have to work with a very limited amount of yarn, so I am making the sleeves now before I see how much there is left to make the body as long as it can get. The yarn is Patton’s Silk Bamboo, which turned out to be a very soft yarn and pleasant to knit with. It is hardy, silky, and unravels gracefully.  I am planning to use a hand-dyed silk skein in light blues for the borders, in this improvised, stash-busting project. The color combination makes me think of the sand and the sea. As there will be more sand than sea, perhaps I will call this cardigan Low Tide.




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