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My summer cardigan is complete! It took a bit over a month to make, and most of it was done in motion: in buses, trains, during lunch breaks. Only the really messy parts, like the top two fronts down to armhole, were done at home. The patterns I follow ask you to do them both at the same time, and there are just too many yarn ends floating around to make it comfortable for knitting in motion.

This pattern is inspired by Augusta  from Dolce Handknits (it is the third thumbnail), but from what I saw about the pattern, it is bottom-up. I didn’t want to pay for a pattern I won’t end up following, as I prefer to make things top-down. So I just looked at it, and did what I could to emulate this beautiful cardigan. Naturally, the end result is reminiscent but not the same, but I am still very happy with it.

The color of the yarn (Cactus, of Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton) reminds me of the fresh, baby leaves of spring. It is splitting a bit too much, and was rather slippery for metal needles, so I had to use bamboo circulars to save my hands from hurting too much. But it creates a soft and pleasant yarn to wear, which is perfect for the chilly summer days we are having lately.

I had to re-do the sleeve edges a couple of times before I ended up with the no-ruffle version. This yarn doesn’t really make good ruffles – it goes straight to wide drapes instead. Which is not a bad thing, if that’s what you want. In any case, I enjoyed making the pattern up as I went. I won’t bore you with them, but if you want more details you can find them in my Ravelry page. I know I will be wearing this a lot, and am itching to start my next summer cardigan project. There is even more travelling ahead of me for the summer, and I ‘ll need something to keep me centered.


You don’t see it here, but knitting is sitting on my lap as I briefly put it down to take this photograph of a beautiful moment. Lazy morning away from everyday routines, me sitting with my coffee, a lovely book (and my knitting), listening to running water and birds that live so long in the neighborhood we ‘d know them by name if they told us what they were. The day progressed just as lovely, with an impromptu cookout and family gathering, and ended with a new knitter joining the ranks. My first man student, and I am so proud of him for how fast he picked up and how enthusiastic he was!

As for what’s hiding from the photo, I have wanted to share my latest knitting adventures for a while now, but a work in progress isn’t photogenic. Lots of tangled strings of yarn all over the place… messy. And my experiments in making up a pattern inspired by just a photograph (of someone else’s project that was certainly very photogenic!) didn’t seem like a thrilling topic of conversation. So I remain quiet for a little longer, until the quickest cardigan I have knit in years will be revealed. Stay tuned, FO coming soon!


It felt so much longer, that I find it surprising it has only been a month since I last wrote here. Perhaps because February is a shorter month? (why is everyone picking on poor February…)

Time passes differently when you live two separate lives, in two separate cities. I find myself setting up everything twice, and that applies to my crafts. So now I work on two sweaters, one in each place. Progress shots are quite boring though, so you ‘ll have to take my word for it.

A project that just missed the last post is this luxurious cowl I made for my (long past now) birthday. As I have enough yarn and other supplies to last me for a couple of years, my gifts to myself now consist of actually making me something, rather than buying me something. Win-win!

This lovely cowl is made by two skeins of Misti Alpaca Chunky and using the Honey Cowl pattern by Madelinetosh as a basis (ravelry link here). I cast on 156 stitches and hoped for the best. Although the cowl looked like it was going to be too short while on the needles, it actually ended up a bit on the long side, and I have to wear it twisted twice if I want it to be anywhere near my neck and keep me warm. The yarn is absolutely wonderful, though, so soft and silky. This is the second birthday project I have made for myself made of alpaca. I may be setting a trend here…

This extended fall we are having seems to keep the reds, oranges and coppers in my mind all the time. Twice in the last week, when crafting has intensified with the approach of Christmas, I have reached for colors in this theme to make gifts.

I love these colors, but I don’t look good in wearing them. So I have enjoyed making these pot holders, made with an exquisite fabric a friend brought from India.

I also made this neck warmer for my sister in law, who loves neck warmers, and I believe would look great in this beautiful yarn (blue sky alpaca bulky). I used this pattern for the second time, as I already have made one of these lovely neck warmers for myself. I was a pleasure to see the subtle color variations develop, and the fact that I made it in an evening, watching through Ong Bak II, amazed even myself!

To those who celebrate today, Happy Thanksgiving!

To me, Happy Name Day! 😉

It has been a while since I had the time to post here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been making things. On the contrary, I seem to have been in a finishing mode, making and completing all kinds of short projects. In fact, it may take a couple of posts to go through them all! For today’s installment, I think I ‘ll start with some quick projects from a couple of weeks back.

I made a new iPod case, a very simple sleeve made with some simple cotton fabric from IKEA, with a tiny piece of blue fabric at the top. It has a pocket for the headphones, and a little loop that I never used. I was supposed to have a button at the front for the loop to go around, but all my buttons are somewhere hidden in a box I can not locate at the moment. In the meantime I have realised I don’t really need it, so I am considering cutting it off anyway.

I also made a pair of fingerless gloves in a wonderful, soft and incredibly warm yarn (suri dream from Knitpicks.) They are as soft and warm as Seven’s tummy, and they are almost the same color as well. So I named them my number-colored fingerless gloves (Ravelry link.)

The “pattern” is a very simple tube of 2×2 rib knit in the round over 36 stitches with 3.75mm dpn’s. When I reached the place I wanted to have the thumb opening, I made a buttonhole (I think it was just 4 st. that I bound off and cast them on again on the next round, but I could have gone with 5 or 6. As they are now, the thumb is a bit tight, but I have very thin fingers so it feels fine for me) and kept knitting until desired length. After casting off, I picked up 11 st. around the thumb opening and knit a few rows in the round again, cast off that, and it’s done! I knit both thumbs together at the end, so they ‘d be the same. I would have been very annoyed if one thumb felt tighter or in any way different than the other!

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