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From the basket of unfinished projects, this pillowcase emerged recently, and triumphantly. Years back I had made these flowers out of felt sheets, and all but half of the last flower had been sewn on. I got interrupted, put it aside, and hadn’t felt like finishing it again in so long I had almost forgotten I had it.

I am glad I did this search, resembling an archeological dig, in my special basket. Now I have something cheerful on my new crafts room sofa! The cover is another unfinished project, the (completed) top part of a quilt. Maybe now I will be inspired and finish this as well? Or is that too ambitious?

Seven seems to approve the new sofa.

I love summers. I love the feeling of being hot and looking for ways to cool down. In one of these attempts, matched with the sewing frenzy of late, I made a baby blanket for a dear friend in my favorite colors. They are cooling, aren’t they?

As always, there were plenty of left over scraps. I used some to make a little bib, for yet another friend who is a new mother.

The crooked house on the right makes me think of Amsterdam!

Some behind the scenes photos:

Seven approving the square placement.

Sunny checking for crooked seams.

It is still summer, but my mind seems to be in blankets lately. After the 1st of (what is turning out to become a series of) baby blankets for friends’ newborn babies, I got my act together, and finished a project that has been sitting for a while.

It is the first quilt I have finished in its entirety, and I know I got this far because it is a gift (I tend to make the top parts and then get stuck at the quilt sandwich stage.) Technically it is rather wonky, with a few really bad parts, something which usually would stop me from inflicting it on others. In this case, however, I am determined to give it away despite the flaws. It took me too long not to! I hope my friends like it despite the squiggly seams here and there!

Here are some progress photos from the first phase of its creation. As always, the kitties were very supportive.

Before I left for my holiday I started another quilt top, but didn’t have enough time to finish it. This is more light and summery, and a quick project. It is based on this design, again by Denyse Schmidt. I really like the light feel of her designs.

I am thinking of giving this away to a friend. Fortunately I cut way too many pieces of all 4 fabrics that are used for the color stripes, that there are still plenty left to make another one for us.

Now I have two quilt tops to put together. Although I have all the necessary materials at hand it is a matter of finding the time. I feel that the quilting will need to be done in pretty much one session, or at least over a couple of days in quick succession, so I need a weekend that I will be around. I am not sure why I feel it needs to be done so, I haven’t really done this before to actually have an opinion, so perhaps I am wrong and I am wasting valuable free time from weekday evenings.

Skid also liked it a lot. She spent hours rolling on it, showing off her fluffy tummy. If no one else appreciates my creations, at least I know I have three loyal fans!

Before leaving I also made a few more quick coasters for my parents’ summer house. They are so addictive!

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