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When so much time has passed since having time to blog, where do you start? From now, and the rest will come, if they may. So, here’s what we did last week with R, an idea I ‘ve wanted to try for a while, but somehow other weekend plans always came first.

I grabbed some of my trusted off-white linen pieces of fabric (I have tons of it!) that I had pre-cut for making coasters, lay a piece of paper on the kitchen table and took out mommy’s markers, that include sharpies. Initially I made some geometric pattern markings, and some rain drops, but after I saw how R’s abstract lines came out, I copied him and we came up with a bunch of very colorful results. I also started trying to use a syringe to drop the alcohol, but once again his style of just dumping it on top was more fun.

We both enjoyed the process, even if the smell made us a little giddy, and the end result was almost what I expected or hoped to get. I think I ‘d prefer to try this in a less porous surface, perhaps glass or tile or a ceramic bowl, as the color didn’t spread as much on the fabric.

Now for setting the color with some hot iron and deciding what to do with them. Coasters, again? Haphazardly applique them on some fabric and make a bag? Add them as embellishments to the boys’ clothes? Only time, and inspiration will tell. For now, I am satisfied.


For a long time now I have wanted to make a blanket out of old sweaters. With this in mind, I  gathered old sweaters that would felt, I washed/felted them, and kept them aside for the stars to align. Finally, on the third snow day of the year, the time was right. Five sweaters produced enough pieces for a generous t.v. blanket-for-two.  Or a siesta blanket for one+kitties. 🙂

As always, I was drawn to the greens and blues. The next step is to sew with a zig-zag stitch around the edges of each piece, to reinforce them. This may take some time – I am halfway through the second row.

In my defense, the progress was slowed because last weekend I was spending time near another kind of green-blue surfaces, on a quick trip to Florida. heh…

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