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As the weather is getting warmer, our activities shift outdoors as much as possible with everyone’s taxing schedules. Yesterday we managed to fly a kite for quite a long time – it was so exhilarating to communicate with the wind! Of course, the photos of pink blossoms are all over the internet nowdays, but I couldn’t resist taking a few for myself.

The boys and I have been building houses with sticks and stones at the tree hollows of our park, and they fill my hands with little flowers and stones and other treasures they gather from nature (thankfully no worms yet!)

And of course, we painted some eggs, and broke a few in the process but who is there to mind?!

At 2 1/2, the boys have fully transitioned away from having a nap during the day, which is not as healthy for them (I fully believe in the power of siesta) but I have to admit it is great for me! By 7 pm they are sound asleep, and I get some time to myself. This is largely craft time or rest time, and it manifests in small details around the house. In the interest of keeping some kind of record for past projects, which is mainly what this blog is all about, here are a few, in no particular order:


I tied a ping pong ball, after I painted a few flowers on it, at the end of a silly string that turns the kitchen light on and off. The loose string was driving me crazy every day!


Clothesline basket (temporarily head cover). I really enjoyed making this project, and plan to make more baskets, perhaps after I paint the clothesline first.


Cozy corner in the bedroom. In fact, it is actually behind Sunny, but cats always make things even cozier, don’t they?

IMG_8304Cheap yellow bucket for our toothbrushes, enhanced with some flower doodles.

Banner over the boys’ beds. Another cheerful project, intended to add some color to the horrid dark grey the boys’ room is painted in. I will show more on the boys’ space in a future post, lots of fun things happening there!

These quizzes are eerie! The questions were weird, the options to choose from were barely relevant, yet the answer once again came perfectly correct. Yes, I definitely am a “green girl,” green has always been my favorite color …And how did they even know I ‘m a girl, anyway?!. See what I mean? Eerie…

You Are A Green Girl

You feel most at home in a world of ideas.

You’re curious and logical – and enjoy a good intellectual challenge.

You’re super cool, calm, and collected. Very little tries your patience.

Your only fear? People not realizing how smart and able you are!

Every now and then I get the urge to embroider something, anything, on anything. This time I satisfied my craving by making simple designs in natural-color linen that I then cut into pieces for making zippered pouches. I ended up making 3, and have already given away 2 of them. I can’t seem to resist giving zippered pouches as gifts, to whoever comes across my radar as potential recipient.

I  forgot to take photos of the others before I gave them away, but I enjoyed making them so much I may make the same designs again. I managed to remember this one at least.



On a different note, I rarely talk about clothes here, or in general, because my sense of fashion is rather basic and underdeveloped. I like wearing things that are comfortable, warm, and soft, but am too shy to actually wear them in public, so most days I end up with the unimaginative jeans and t-shirt. I would like to be daring enough to wear either of these 2 outfits, for example.

With more snow ahead, it would be best to celebrate winter.

After all, when else can one enjoy such silvery stillness?

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