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Every now and then I get restless and change things around in the blog themes.

Next plan in the blog housekeeping is to update some links in my pages up there.

Okay, this was a boring post. To spice it up, here are some kitty photos for you.




Have a good weekend!


Summers in Greece are all about the sea.


It rules our daily schedules, provides our food, entertainment, and of course inspiration.



This in turn translated to a first effort for a fabric collage – a learning experience. I sew the parts by hand, and I liked it better than using the sewing machine, as I have done in the past. I used transparent nylon thread, and I am not sure I really liked it too much. I had trouble controlling the tension, and it is quite visible on the seams even if it has no color of its own.

shore fabric collage

Next maritime project: a mat for the bathroom floor, to match the new, super-cool shower curtain!

shower curtain

It has been raining on and off lately, spring marking its presence with rain and cold.

Having been too busy to finish any fabric project, I decided to break my silence by showing photos of breakable things around my house.

I bought this glass drop at the little shop in Historic Deerfield last fall. It’s been looking out my window ever since.

Colored glass bottles and jars are also something I enjoy looking at. I particularly like to see the light reflecting on or through them.

These three have a Middle Eastern feel in my mind. The tall bottle reminds me of a minaret, making me nostalgic of old-style skylines.

No post is complete without a kitty presence. The girls have two sets of bowls for their dinner. These, complete with kitty smiles are everyone’s favourite. I like them for the design, they like them because they are the perfect shape, keeping the softie in but not cramping their whiskers while they eat. Win-win!

Still no finished objects to report. There are many possible reasons for that. It is probably time for a list…

  1. Hectic life, with self-imposed stressful workdays and long commutes.
  2. Busy weekends, especially since every other weekend I seem to be travelling.
  3. I must be the slowest knitter on earth.
  4. Knitting is a slow craft, and I am impatient so things feel as if they take longer.
  5. My snuggle-deprived kitties demand the use of my hands to their service, rather than to knitting.
  6. In the mornings I seem to prefer reading or making lists to knitting.
  7. Although there has been a lot of travelling in buses (see 1-2), I haven’t been taking advantage of all possible opportunities to add a few stitches (see 6).
  8. I also seem to prefer sleeping to knitting, but this is a good thing, right?

Culprit no. 1 (see list item #5)

But I missed writing here, and so here I am, with nothing to show and a whole list of reasons that could be interpreted as excuses by some ill-mannered people! I don’t need to make excuses to myself or anyone, but writing down the list usually helps me understand how things lead to places and what can be done to change a situation.

Culprit no. 2 (see list item #5)

On the other hand, I have spent more time than usual thinking about knitting and visualising patterns, yarns, sweaters etc., which I found a useful learning experience. As a result, I have a nice list of plans (another list. Coming up soon.) for future projects, and I am planning to be very disciplined about it. At least I will update the list if I decide not to follow what is in there 😉

Culprit no. 3 (see list item #5)

It feels like life has been moving on two different planes lately. Mind here, hands there. And blogging has been caught in between the two.

Things are moving on. However, despite the fact that I am very much in a finishing mode, only one thing was finished:

Gratitude mittens

All other projects are suspended, until the three I have set my eyes on are finished:
1. Mum’s second sock (45% done)
2. Lizard Ridge border (45% done)
3. Clapotis (80% done)

On the other hand, look!

new paw covers (Ζες καλά παπούτσια!)

As for Sunny, she particularly liked the box they came in

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