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When so much time has passed since having time to blog, where do you start? From now, and the rest will come, if they may. So, here’s what we did last week with R, an idea I ‘ve wanted to try for a while, but somehow other weekend plans always came first.

I grabbed some of my trusted off-white linen pieces of fabric (I have tons of it!) that I had pre-cut for making coasters, lay a piece of paper on the kitchen table and took out mommy’s markers, that include sharpies. Initially I made some geometric pattern markings, and some rain drops, but after I saw how R’s abstract lines came out, I copied him and we came up with a bunch of very colorful results. I also started trying to use a syringe to drop the alcohol, but once again his style of just dumping it on top was more fun.

We both enjoyed the process, even if the smell made us a little giddy, and the end result was almost what I expected or hoped to get. I think I ‘d prefer to try this in a less porous surface, perhaps glass or tile or a ceramic bowl, as the color didn’t spread as much on the fabric.

Now for setting the color with some hot iron and deciding what to do with them. Coasters, again? Haphazardly applique them on some fabric and make a bag? Add them as embellishments to the boys’ clothes? Only time, and inspiration will tell. For now, I am satisfied.

new cardigans

The weather is getting cooler, just a little bit each day.  The light is this beautiful diffused brightness that turns everything golden, and the trees whisper the husky song of drying leaves. It was time for new cardigans for the boys!

I have been waiting for the chance to make the kimono-style cardigans with long sleeves, especially as it seems to be quite difficult to find long sleeved sweaters for babies. I used a shirt that fits well for sizing, and two sweaters from my robust stash of sweaters for repurposing. I used one of daddy’s old grey ones (he has many), and a purple one that used to be my aunt’s. I made the sleeves extra long, to ensure they last this winter, and I am very pleased with how they fit the boys. I still have to add bias tape to prevent fraying, so although I let them wear their new cardigans on Saturday, I don’t consider them done. I make my own bias tape, which I find quite time consuming, perhaps because I haven’t done it enough to find all the shortcuts.

If you want to make your own (the pattern is actually so basic and simple, it could work for any size, up to an adult cardigan – think of those nice ballerina wrap around tops!) there are lots of tutorials out there, like this one, this one, or this one. I actually winged it, after having made the pattern a couple of times before. For closure, I am planning to sew snaps in strategic places, instead of trying to fumble with strings on wriggly babies.

More pictures when they are all done. Stay tuned!



I needed cat food yesterday, so I went to Union Square and made a day out of it. I did lots of window shopping, and was happy to discover a new (to me) MUJI store in the area, and almost next to a crafts store at that! I couldn’t resist, and bought a couple of notebooks, with which I have an unhealthy obsession.
After a blueberry scone and the cat food, I rushed home and made some little houses, to brighten up the rather bland covers. Little houses are another of my little obsessions 🙂

I have a few more in progress, which I hope to finish today, before I set up my sewing machine at its new location. Gasp! It is true, the times of separation are finally over!!!

Lots of Aries in my life, it seems. We celebrated 4 birthdays, all for family and close friends. Some, those who were close, got presents. I made a padded phone cozy for a friend who makes very good use of her iPhone, and was in need of something special for her loyal device. Her favorite color is this pale, pale blue, so I didn’t have to think too hard for what color to choose.

But this is already old news, from the previous weekend. Today is a gloomy and chilly day, in contrast to the glorious sunshine we had the last 2 days. I am coming down with a cold in its first stages, so each time I swallow I can feel a scratching pain in my sinuses. Fun times! Nevertheless, the day began with  conscientious snuggling by the kitties, and tea drinking while listening some old songs of Medieval Babes. And if the weather improves and I feel okay, I may even ride my bike to my favorite destination, the duck lake at the end of the swamp.

Two days ago I watched a very handsome duck playing in this spot. He would fly in a straight line, land and let himself slide as far as he could, like a surfer. He was having so much fun, I wished I could join him!

Yesterday we went for a walk to a national park nearby.  The trees in this part were very dense, and much of the foliage was still green and yellow.

We came across lots of interesting things, such as this enormous orange fungus growing on a fallen tree.

We camped for a while at an opening, and I made a little tree house.


I learned how to make these little houses just a few years ago, from a friend who used to make them as a boy. I was hooked immediately: it is such a pleasant way to connect with the details on the ground! The only rule I made is to only use things already there and dead, so I wouldn’t cut a live flower to decorate the yard.

It was a lovely day at the woods!

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