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A few more past projects. My first attempt in making soft toys, from this great book: Sweet & Simple Handmade. Although it came out good, and pretty much just as it was meant to be, I am not sure I was very happy with it. I am saving it as a Christmas gift, though, so we ‘ll have to wait until the boys give their verdict.


From their crawling times, the boys had managed to open holes on almost every pair of pants they had. I actually like patched clothes, so I used a couple of old t-shirts and added circles, triangles, and in this case a banana (there is a monkey at the butt). I am very pleased with this project, and the boys like to talk about the extra shapes on their knees.



Probably the project I am least happy about, is this giant pumpkin. Instead of carving it (I am definitely not good with knives) I drew some doodles with a permanent marker on it. I am not very good with doodles either, so I kind of gave up before I was ready to consider it finished. Never mind, I ‘ll try again next year!



new cardigans

The weather is getting cooler, just a little bit each day.  The light is this beautiful diffused brightness that turns everything golden, and the trees whisper the husky song of drying leaves. It was time for new cardigans for the boys!

I have been waiting for the chance to make the kimono-style cardigans with long sleeves, especially as it seems to be quite difficult to find long sleeved sweaters for babies. I used a shirt that fits well for sizing, and two sweaters from my robust stash of sweaters for repurposing. I used one of daddy’s old grey ones (he has many), and a purple one that used to be my aunt’s. I made the sleeves extra long, to ensure they last this winter, and I am very pleased with how they fit the boys. I still have to add bias tape to prevent fraying, so although I let them wear their new cardigans on Saturday, I don’t consider them done. I make my own bias tape, which I find quite time consuming, perhaps because I haven’t done it enough to find all the shortcuts.

If you want to make your own (the pattern is actually so basic and simple, it could work for any size, up to an adult cardigan – think of those nice ballerina wrap around tops!) there are lots of tutorials out there, like this one, this one, or this one. I actually winged it, after having made the pattern a couple of times before. For closure, I am planning to sew snaps in strategic places, instead of trying to fumble with strings on wriggly babies.

More pictures when they are all done. Stay tuned!

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