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At 2 1/2, the boys have fully transitioned away from having a nap during the day, which is not as healthy for them (I fully believe in the power of siesta) but I have to admit it is great for me! By 7 pm they are sound asleep, and I get some time to myself. This is largely craft time or rest time, and it manifests in small details around the house. In the interest of keeping some kind of record for past projects, which is mainly what this blog is all about, here are a few, in no particular order:


I tied a ping pong ball, after I painted a few flowers on it, at the end of a silly string that turns the kitchen light on and off. The loose string was driving me crazy every day!


Clothesline basket (temporarily head cover). I really enjoyed making this project, and plan to make more baskets, perhaps after I paint the clothesline first.


Cozy corner in the bedroom. In fact, it is actually behind Sunny, but cats always make things even cozier, don’t they?

IMG_8304Cheap yellow bucket for our toothbrushes, enhanced with some flower doodles.

Banner over the boys’ beds. Another cheerful project, intended to add some color to the horrid dark grey the boys’ room is painted in. I will show more on the boys’ space in a future post, lots of fun things happening there!


Remember these two kitties? it was a hint to a pair of Christmas gifts I made, but did not want to show in case my brother, one of the recipients, would wander across the photos (I might be wrong, but I don’t think he checks the blog regularly).

I wanted to make something with a kitty theme, as both recipients are great cat fans. Not knowing how I would proceed, I looked online for kitty images, and this was the one that caught my attention. I traced and enlarged it, and only after I had appliqued it on the white background I was inspired to add the butterfly (my original thought was to add kitty paw prints).

So, this is what came out. I am very pleased with it!

The butterfly movement is the only (hand-) quilted part of the design. For the quilting, I tried a couple of techniques using Japanese thimbles, and I think that by the end of it I had got the hang of it well enough. I like the slowness of the process, and its ability for great precision, and I definitely see more hand-stitching in my near future.

This was the last finished project of 2011, and since then I have worked on and started a number of projects, but not finished any. Several are very, very close to completion, though, so stay tuned for some FOs in the near future!

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