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At 2 1/2, the boys have fully transitioned away from having a nap during the day, which is not as healthy for them (I fully believe in the power of siesta) but I have to admit it is great for me! By 7 pm they are sound asleep, and I get some time to myself. This is largely craft time or rest time, and it manifests in small details around the house. In the interest of keeping some kind of record for past projects, which is mainly what this blog is all about, here are a few, in no particular order:


I tied a ping pong ball, after I painted a few flowers on it, at the end of a silly string that turns the kitchen light on and off. The loose string was driving me crazy every day!


Clothesline basket (temporarily head cover). I really enjoyed making this project, and plan to make more baskets, perhaps after I paint the clothesline first.


Cozy corner in the bedroom. In fact, it is actually behind Sunny, but cats always make things even cozier, don’t they?

IMG_8304Cheap yellow bucket for our toothbrushes, enhanced with some flower doodles.

Banner over the boys’ beds. Another cheerful project, intended to add some color to the horrid dark grey the boys’ room is painted in. I will show more on the boys’ space in a future post, lots of fun things happening there!





My favorite colors are green and blue, preferably together. There are lots and lots of green and blue pairs of things around the house, and that was also the case of our main snuggle spot in the house: a large mattress covered with pillows, where many of our games and naps take place.

Yesterday I felt very much in a rut, ready for spring and some bright colors. The fastest way to fix that seemed to change the pillows. So I eliminated all greens and blues, and used some of my most favorite fabrics in my stash choosing from among pinks and oranges. Most of our pillows now are with fabrics directly from India, but there is also that shiny floral in the middle, made with a Chinese fabric my niece brought for me in one of her travels. The brightest of them all, bottom left, comes from a dress (size xxl, I believe) I found at Goodwill – I love buying fabric by the pound 🙂

Keeping things simple and quick, they are all made “envelope style”, where the fabrics overlap a bit at the back of the pillow. With yet another blizzard coming our way spring is a long way away on the outside world, but things are already blooming in our house!

baby shoes

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and are now in the throws of indigestion and holiday sloth! Ours was quiet, we didn’t travel anywhere this year, so we stayed home with the cats, cooked, and enjoyed some quiet time at home.

Meanwhile, I have a confession to make: I don’t know about you, but every time I see baby ultrasound photos on blogs I like to follow, I have mixed feelings about it. My initial reaction is, of course, to be happy for the new mother and the happy times that will follow for her. However, I find the images themselves are either a little too creepy, or a little too personal for posting for all to see. I am also aware that the blog I followed with great interest for perhaps years, will never be the same (especially if that is the author’s first baby). I expect them to disappear from circulation for a while, and to see primarily baby stuff in their creations afterwards. I admit that somewhere in my selfish part, I am a little disappointed to loose a blogger I have enjoyed following for a while.

Now it is time for me to eat my words, and perhaps revisit all these new mothers’ blogs for projects and ideas for things they made for their own babies! I actually disappeared quite a while ago due to my unsettled weekly schedule, but for the last 7,5 months I have had another good excuse: the exhaustion of creating 2 new lives while working full-time, and tackling (yet another) move during the first trimester. The twins are expected anytime in February (I forbid them to show up earlier than that, and I hope they will listen to their mother!)

As expected, the closer we are getting to D-day, I only have baby in the brain, so the only recipient of handmade gifts this Christmas was my brother’s 6-month old girl. A couple of days ago I tried my hand at a pair of baby shoes, but never tried myself. Mine look a little wonky, and I am aware that one looks larger than the other, but this was just my fault for making the elastic too tight on the second one, and once I fixed that they were much more even 😉

The pattern I used is very well written, and now I am ready to make more, this time for my 4-legged bundle of joy, as well as for what seems to be a surprising number of newborns among friends families (a total of 8, with ours!) I presume I might go the way every other blogger I mentioned before, and be either elusive or talk primarily about baby crafts. But I do have lots of great ideas for making practical, eco-friendly and pocket-friendly baby projects, so some may even find my posts interesting.

But for now, enjoy the best week of the year, the post-Christmas / pre New Year’s week!

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