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It has been a busy month packing and moving and … not really unpacking yet. Our new house is still under partial renovation, and this has forced us to live off the “first couple of days” supplies for almost 3 weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for minimalism and living off what you have with humility and resourcefulness, but I am also ready to find the last kitchen box with the coffee in it…

This prolonged wait has had a number of challenges (beyond the coffee jar), and some not so unexpected benefits. Among them, the time to think, dream, plan before putting anything into action. Time to think and plan seems like such a luxury lately, in times of perpetual rushing and winging dinners while still exploring the best options for shopping and time management in a new environment. So, until I can line my bookshelves along the wall and start filling them with books, I sit, and wait, and think, and dream of ways to sort and make beautiful. And make lists, of course! I am very pleased with how productive and creative this waiting and dreaming has been. Hopefully soon you too will hear and see all about it!

Random photos above: Skid, daydreaming with me :: color and pattern inspiration :: pretty flowers on my way to work :: blocks lined up, or order in the midst of chaos

You know the feeling, when you plant a seed accidentally and one day you see a flower, or a tree, or a strawberry bush has grown out of it? This is how I felt last night, when the boys dragged me by the hand across the house, to show me the bufoto (beautiful) colors in the sky, and asked me to take a picture of it at various stages of the sunset, meanwhile standing there and talking about nature, clouds and wind, listening attentively to the birds…

Here is to the beauty of nature, to our ability to stop and acknowledge and appreciate it, to passing on the skill to the next generation, and to sharing it all. It is moments like this that are the best reminder of the power of example in raising our children, of speaking out our thoughts instead of admiring in silence.

(By the way, this is exactly the reason I keep doing yoga in their presence, even though it is entirely not relaxing to hold any pose with two little people jumping, wrestling, or hanging off me. Soon, I keep thinking, they ‘ll just join in and then we will have that too to share. Soon…)


About a year and a half ago I decided to not care about the end result of my drawings (childish at best) and draw some pictures of our days as a family. Back then, I was staying at home and had a nice rhythm of making the day’s page after dinner, while the boys scribbled and made their usual mess on the table next to me. The drawing supplies were permanently set out on our large house, next to the fireplace.


Fast forward to now, in a new house, back to full time work, and the priority after dinner has shifted to straight to bath&bed time as mommy has to get up before dawn… However, I do miss our closing of the day with a visual recapitulation, and although I try to record as much as I can when I have the time and energy, it isn’t daily and more often than not it is just the black ink, with the hope to add the color in the future. Sure enough, last Saturday I got lucky and everyone else slept in, so I went back to the last uncolored pages and added a new one.


The boys absolutely love to sit next to me and read our family storybook. I believe it helps them remember these moments while they are still able to remember them, and it is my hope that they manage to keep in their memories those days through their own experiences and memory, rather than through stories told to them.

The special and memorable days are nice to keep and record, but when it comes to stretching my creativity and loveliness of content, it is the everyday, nothing-special days that matter the most to me, the moments and details that pass unnoticed, taken for granted, that otherwise would not be recorded.



baby shoes

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and are now in the throws of indigestion and holiday sloth! Ours was quiet, we didn’t travel anywhere this year, so we stayed home with the cats, cooked, and enjoyed some quiet time at home.

Meanwhile, I have a confession to make: I don’t know about you, but every time I see baby ultrasound photos on blogs I like to follow, I have mixed feelings about it. My initial reaction is, of course, to be happy for the new mother and the happy times that will follow for her. However, I find the images themselves are either a little too creepy, or a little too personal for posting for all to see. I am also aware that the blog I followed with great interest for perhaps years, will never be the same (especially if that is the author’s first baby). I expect them to disappear from circulation for a while, and to see primarily baby stuff in their creations afterwards. I admit that somewhere in my selfish part, I am a little disappointed to loose a blogger I have enjoyed following for a while.

Now it is time for me to eat my words, and perhaps revisit all these new mothers’ blogs for projects and ideas for things they made for their own babies! I actually disappeared quite a while ago due to my unsettled weekly schedule, but for the last 7,5 months I have had another good excuse: the exhaustion of creating 2 new lives while working full-time, and tackling (yet another) move during the first trimester. The twins are expected anytime in February (I forbid them to show up earlier than that, and I hope they will listen to their mother!)

As expected, the closer we are getting to D-day, I only have baby in the brain, so the only recipient of handmade gifts this Christmas was my brother’s 6-month old girl. A couple of days ago I tried my hand at a pair of baby shoes, but never tried myself. Mine look a little wonky, and I am aware that one looks larger than the other, but this was just my fault for making the elastic too tight on the second one, and once I fixed that they were much more even 😉

The pattern I used is very well written, and now I am ready to make more, this time for my 4-legged bundle of joy, as well as for what seems to be a surprising number of newborns among friends families (a total of 8, with ours!) I presume I might go the way every other blogger I mentioned before, and be either elusive or talk primarily about baby crafts. But I do have lots of great ideas for making practical, eco-friendly and pocket-friendly baby projects, so some may even find my posts interesting.

But for now, enjoy the best week of the year, the post-Christmas / pre New Year’s week!

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